Top Interior Design Schools California Reviews

Tallying up all of the interior design schools California offers yields a number close to seventy, according to the California Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

Each Interior Design Program from these Interior Design Schools in California offers varied curricula and majors.

No two Schools in California are the same in terms of approaches and techniques in teaching particular art subjects so it is up to a potential student to do his research about his school preferences and select the one that would be most appropriate to his career path.

The Largest California Interior Design Schools

The Academy of Art University, founded in 1929 by artists, is by far the largest accredited private design and art university in the United States. It has more than 17,000 students enrolled at its San Francisco campus and its state-of-the-art “online” campus. Classes are concentrated in 16 areas, including interior architecture and design, graphic design, fashion and more.

The university keeps abreast of current trends and the faculty is a group of talented artists and professionals who have the passion to share their knowledge. Degrees offered at AAU are Bachelors (BFA, BA), Masters (MA, MFA and M.Arch), Associates (AA) and certificate and continuing art education for professionals and design enthusiasts. To help students attend this interior design school California students pay an annual tuition fee around $20,000. It is located in San Francisco, California.

CCA – One of the Best Interior Design Schools in California

The California College of the Arts was founded in 1907 and has educated their students to help shape culture and environment through the study and practice of arts and design. The college is fully qualified and equipped to prepare its students to explore and make use of their creative talents through the courses they offer in architecture, fine arts, writing and design.

The CCA is an interior design school in California that offers undergraduate studies in 20 majors and 7 graduate majors. Its School of Interior Design encompasses artistic, critical, material and historical approach to the effective practice of interior and environmental design – integrating art with theory and technology. CCA’s interior design program is accredited by CIDA. Annual Tuition Fees exclusive of room and board cost $35,000. Its campus is in Valencia, California.

IADT – Another Top Interior Design School California Offers

The International Academy of Design and Technology offer both Associate and Bachelor’s degree programs in the field of not only interior design but also in fashion design, video game development, multimedia and computer graphics to name a few. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and School. The original IADT was founded in Chicago in 1977. It was meant to be a post-secondary institution centering on design and technology. The institution has expanded its curriculum and in so doing has now 9 campuses in the United States.

As a newly established interior design school in California, having only come about in 2007 in Sacramento, it’s still one of the best interior design schools in California. The institute offers BFA with majors in interior design, graphic design, fashion design and merchandising, and advertising design. It also offers an Associate in Applied Science in the said disciplines. What make this school standout is its comparatively low tuition fees at the affordable price of $12,000 a year.

These interior design schools in California all claim of having dedicated, knowledgeable and talented mentors. Financial aid is available for qualified students. These schools help their graduates source for jobs while in school to help augment their allowances. The schools also facilitate exhibits to showcase their students’ works in order to expose their talents to the public to help kick-off their careers.

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