How To Repair Stucco On Your Exterior Home Walls

To know how best to repair stucco it is important to first understand what caused the damage in the first place. Continuous repairs to a wall are not always a good thing and so a preventative approach would be the best course of action. The major cause of damage to your stucco is definitely water sipping through the wall from damaged flushing system or drainage. However, other cause might be.

Inappropriate mixture of materials. All the major materials like water, sand and cement are mixed at specific ratios for a reason. If you don’t observe these ratios keenly your stucco won’t last for long. You also have to prepare well the surface you want to apply proper cleaning.

How you attach the wire lath may also cause damage to your stucco later. You should not use rusted lath fasteners and you should ensure they are not too close o too far apart.
A thin coat of stucco can also cause damages to the stucco.
Natural calamities although rare can also cause damage when they occur. For example the vibrations caused by an earthquake will definitely live some damage on your stucco. A strong hurricane or storm might also not spare your stucco.

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What you will need to fix your Stucco

To repair stucco the following tools and materials are important.

Hammer and chisel to chip of the damaged stucco from the wall.
A bag of cement (you might require more or less depending on the extent of the damage you want to fix).
Slightly damp sand.
An acrylic bonding agent.
Wire lath/mesh and nails to hold it in place.
Hydrated lime.

Note the quantities of these materials that you require will be determined by the extent of the damage. You should mix them as per the manufacturer’s directions or you can consult a mason on how to mix them. Remember that getting the mixture right is critically important.

How to do the actual repair

Repairing your stucco can be quite an easy task if you know what to do and you don’t necessarily have to hire a professional mason. Follow the following steps to fix stucco.

The first step is to remove the damage stucco from the wall using a hammer and chisel. Make sure you get all the loose chipping out of the wall. You can use a blower to achieve this.
The next step is to fix the new wire lath on that damaged part using staples or small sized nails (using big nails might bring more damage to your wall).

Once the lath is in place, apply your first coat of the stucco mixture you prepared earlier. Make sure it penetrates behind the wire lath. The coat should be at least a quartet inch thick. Let it firm and then scratch it with a nail to make it rough for the second coat.

You should let the first coat cure for about 36-48 hours before applying the second coat. Once the first coat is cured dampen it and then apply the second coat with the same thickness and live it for another 36-48 hours.

Apply the third and final coat and make sure it is level with the rest of the wall. After applying the last coat let it cure for 4-5 days after which you can paint it or decorate it to match with the rest of the wall.

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