The Best Fitness Affiliate Programs

Fitness affiliate programs are all over the internet. Some are good while most simply aren’t worth the time it takes to sign up. Some fitness affiliate programs can provide for a very high, long-term income – Congratulations, you’ve just found the one that can do this better than any other program available.
And I’m talking real financial success here, not struggling to make a few extra dollars each month while holding down a full time job, but success that can offer you the money and the time to enjoy life, taking long holidays to any part of the world and at any time you desire, buying an expensive home or anything your heart desires.

Hello, my name is Phil Beckett. I’m the founder & president of Physique Concepts Inc., welcome to our fitness business advantage web site.
The Physique Concepts Inc. affiliate program can help you achieve what you’ve always wanted.
We are a firmly established fitness company that has been in business for over 16 years.
We produce and sell the most sought-after products that your website visitors want. None of our products or services are available anywhere else – these are our own; produced by us and sold by us.
Everything is one-of-a-kind.
Here are our current store categories:
Fitness machine• Fitness
• Weight Loss
• Online Personal Training
• Sports
• Fitness Motivation
• Diet & Nutrition
• Beauty
• Health
• Pain & Discomfort
The following is a short list of only a few of our products to demonstrate your extremely high earning potential.
Product Price Your 50% Commission
New Product – Soon To Be Released!
Our preliminary sales have shown this product to be our highest converting and most in demand product ever! $299.95 $149.98
The Underground Guide To Extreme Physique Enhancement $29.95 $14.98
The New Womens Guide To Successful Weight Loss & Fitness $29.95 $14.98
The New Military, Law Enforcement & Firefighters Guide To Extreme Physical Fitness $59.95 $29.98
The Success-ercisE Exercise & Personal Motivation System $99.95 $49.98
How To Lower Your Cholesterol Without Dangerous Drugs $29.95 $14.98
How To Improve Your Golf Game In 30 Days Or Less $29.95 $14.98
30-Day Low Carb Diet Ketosis Plan $37.95 $18.98
The Secrets To Sleeping Great – Every Night Of Your Life! $19.95 $9.98
Japanese Jiu-jitsu History & Combat Techniques $24.95 $12.48
We have a lot more products than what’s mentioned above, so join up right now by clicking on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button at the top left hand side of the page.
“18 Reasons Why You Should Join
The Physique Concepts Inc.
Affiliate Fitness Program”
1. It’s free to sign up
2. You get lifetime 50% commissions
3. Average order size is $113.52!
4. We add new high-demand products every month. You’ll always have new, fresh products to offer your customers
5. We offer the highest commissions of any fitness affiliate programs
6. Our program is a 2 tier fitness affiliate program – meaning if any other websites join our program because they found us through your site – you’ll receive a commission on all of their sales – For Life!
7. You get full commission on ALL repeat sales
8. Life-time Cookies!
9. We take care of our affiliates
10. We work harder to get the sale (and you the commission) than any other fitness affiliate programs
11. We provide you with a free affiliate newsletter each month that describes, in great detail, new techniques you can use to increase your commissions. These are proven techniques that we test ourselves, very extensively, then we let you know what to do to get the sale; step-by-step!
12. We have thousands of health and fitness related subjects covered on our site that will be of extreme interest to your visitors; more opportunities to sell them on our products and services.
13. Free bi-weekly ezines that customers can sign up for. This keeps even more relevant information in front of them – more chances to be sold on our products and services.
14. Every time a customer makes a purchase they automatically receive our monthly Physique Concepts Inc. Hotline. This ezine works to bring back your customers to buy even more on a regular basis.
15. We give you access to suite of simple-to-use, proprietary, income-generating tools.
16. We provide you with an affiliate course to get you started making money immediately
17. We follow up with on-going support and training to help you make the highest amount of money out of all fitness affiliate programs.
18. And there are many more benefits.

If you send us customers and they don’t buy right away we work hard so they will at some point come back and make a purchase. They will buy eventually – and you’ll get the commission!
At Physique Concepts Inc. we are completely and totally committed to your success, no matter how “new” or “experienced” you are to the Net. You are our valued partner-in-sales into As you grow your business, we grow ours.
Remember – Once someone buys one product or service from us you will make a 50% commission on any and all other purchases they make during their lifetime.
There is a fortune of money to be made and it’s just sitting there for the taking…
You could be one of the successful ones who take it if you get involved with the Physique Concepts Inc. fitness affiliate programs right now!

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