3 Technological Myths Exposed & Debunked

Myths. They may have at some point held some truth, but with the widely available and accessible information mainly on the Internet; it is now easier than ever to expose these myths that have been guilty of holding people and companies back from progressing earlier than possible. If you yourself or your business has fallen foul of any of the following myths, it is never too late to pay attention and finally make up for lost time and opportunities!


Myth 1 – Increased Pay Means A Happier Employee


The majority of the time for most people, money is the best incentive for work. However, in this current day and age, employees take much more into consideration when measuring how happy they are. A work-life balance and doing meaningful work seem to also hold much weight when it comes to workplace happiness. For an employee, the benefits of having a high salary can be negated if they have to work very long hours, with little time for their personal life as well as time to even spend their hard earned money. It has been said that while money and power keeps people in their job, it may not inspire them to do their best work. A company’s system should be one that inspires their workers and creates a motivating culture, which in turn will help attract more employees of this sort.



Myth 2–Unutilized Rooms Don’t Cost Anything


Whether it’s rooms in an office, in a hotel, or those in a hospital, empty rooms contribute to the costbut do not help generate revenue. In order to be as efficient as possible, rooms must be utilized as effectively as possible. Having empty rooms anywhere is a lost opportunity. Buildings with rented out short to long-term office spaces are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They provide furnished and ready-to-go office and meeting spaces, allowing greater flexibility compared to being tied down to an underutilized office. Places such as these use room scheduling software to allow greater utilization of room space. Some are open 24 hours a day, to increase efficiency, however this may work their detriment if there is not demand during the night.Regardless, empty rooms are not of any benefit, especially if they are being used to generate revenue.



Myth 3 – Employees Are Happier With Expensive Technology

While it is no secret that technology that makes working easier is usually more expensive, it may not always be for the best of the company. Nowadays, automation is rapidly developing, especially in, but not limited to, blue collared jobs. While advanced technology may make an employee’s job less labor intensive and generally easier, there is a chance that they may feel their long-term job security is at risk due to increased automation. Expensive technology can also mean that a job can feel more complicated or difficult to adjust too. This is especially true if it is too difficult to implement, maybe due to a divided opinion from the users during its adoption. Without unanimous adoption the work experience may become a negative experience, with those forced to comply and those who begrudgingly comply.



Taking into account the effects that these myths could have on the function of a business, we must look at what benefits the individual and the collective before choosing a plan of action. Debunking these myths surely opens up debate on what businesses really need to do progress, and it doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money.

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